Why do most people believe Ghana is better than Nigeria?


As a Ghanaian, I will start by saying that these two countries are the same. Disagreeing with that is like saying dinosaurs never existed. Comparing the two brotherhood countries is like comparing apple to apple.

But wait, Is Ghana the best country in Africa? Yes and no. In terms of infrastructure development, we are nowhere near average. I’m going to be straight forward and candid, no BS. Let’s dive in.


From Pre-Independence to post independence of both countries play a role in the perceived notion that Ghana is better than Nigeria. Dr Kwame Nkrumah was at the forefront of total liberation of all African countries. Even though Ghana is just a fraction of the massive Nigeria population, it was at the center in the world stage —Nkrumah’s passion for all African countries to be free and unite was hated by western powers.

Why are Nigerians leaving Nigeria to Ghana?

Among other economic factors, i don’t want to bother you with statistic however, research shows that Ghana recorded 13.9 Percent unemployment  rate the  2nd Qtr of 2022-Gss Report while Nigeria recorded a 33% of unemployment rate. Furthermore, Ghana Cedi is stronger against the USD than the Nigerian Naira which is why most Nigerians migrate to Ghana for a better pay check. But the current inflation and poor governance (by the way I’m non-partisan, only the interest of Ghana) didn’t help much, which saw the  Cedi plunges to 10 to a dollar. Despite economic hardships, most Nigerian will still prefer to migrate to Ghana over Nigeria.

Which country is peaceful in Africa?

The separatist and extremism and terrorist groups is a big concern in Nigeria. Whereas in Ghana there is religious tolerance regardless of your faith or religion. Is Ghana the peaceful place to live? You bet yes. Ghana retained a second place as the most peaceful country in Sub-Sahara Africa. But is it the most peaceful country in the world? Well, 40th position in the world index. In Ghana, Muslims and Christians co-exist without fighting over what I will say was imposed on us by the western powers and Arabs. Read about Arabs enslavement of Africans, it was brutal, barbaric like slave ships.


Why most African American moving to Ghana over Nigeria?

Most African Americans, the Caribbean islands and Brazil where most Transatlantic slave make up majority of the population, visits Ghana to trace their ancestral root, learn the real slave history which is never thought in western schools, and see the horrific slave dungeons and castles their ancestors went through. Although Ghana wasn’t the only slave trade hub and dispatched of slaves ships, it has become first choice destination for our brothers and sisters in the West — the returnees to settle and integrate into the Ghanaian society because of peace in the country. The government also made it easy for them to apply and obtain Ghanaian citizenship, other African countries are following suit. This made Ghana a hot spot for repatriation to escape racism in the Western countries.

In addition, the year of returns Ghana 2019 was the best thing the president did that put Ghana on the world stage among black community is the diaspora than Nigeria or any other African countries like Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau and Mali, and west-central Africa, Angola, Congo, Gabon, Cameron and neighbor Ivory Coast which was a hub of extensive slave-dealing operations. Did Nigeria organize a year of returns? Of course not. Historically,  Ghana has always spearheaded the pan-African agenda. If you ask me, is Ghana the giant of Africa? In this regard, i will say yes without a blink.


Which country cooks the best jollof rice?

I know you are anticipating that jollof war; they say  Ghana jollof rice (pilaf) is better than Nigerian jollof. Is it really better?  The debate and competition about who win the jollof taste keeps us more closely. If you ask me, my answer is pretty simple: it depends on who is tasting it.  I have so many Nigerian friends and have tasted their kitchen. If you don’t know let me tell you that Nigerians first pre-boil their rice for a couple of minutes, wash it with cold water to remove surface starches to prevents clumping and then finally cook it which I think is good. We Ghanaians eat too much carbohydrate.


Multinational companies offices in Africa market competition

Most multinational companies have chosen to set their headquarters in Ghana over Nigeria. On April 12th the Tech giant Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, in a short message stated, “Twitter is now present on the continent. Thank you, Ghana and @NakufoAddo.” Google, Microsoft and Huawei are among international tech giants that have expanded their operations in Ghana. However, there are also companies with offices in Nigerian that are not in Ghana.

Is Ghana passport powerful than Nigeria’?

Passports of both countries are not strong enough, but the Ghanaian passport is ranked 83rd position ahead of Nigerian passport in 100th position. So, some Nigerians use the loopholes in the system to obtain a Ghanaian passport. I guess you have read news, watched news, saw some criminals arrested as Ghanaians citizens in possession of Ghanaian passport, but in reality, they are Nigerians. Don’t get me wrong, there are criminals everywhere. I’m Pan-African, and I don’t mind if a Nigerian has Ghana passport or vice verse as long as it is not used for criminal activity to tarnish the image of Ghana. That said, as a matter of fact, Africans should have been using one passport had Kwame Nkrumah lived long enough to realize his dreams and vision for united Africa.

In conclusion

It is all perception. Both countries are struggling economically, socially and ethnicity differences — call it tribalism if you will. Both are struggling on the world stage, labeled as Third World countries. Once poor and destitute countries like China and India(still poor but developing fast)are at the center of global and geopolitics. Nigeria with its vast oil reserves like the Saudis should have been a global force — a force to reckon with, but what do we see? The same can be said about Ghana; with all its natural resources, we are still struggling in every front, borrowing excessively which takes us no where. Meanwhile, countries that import common water is far developed and advanced. I will leave the rest to your imagination.


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