The cost of building a single room self-contain room in Ghana

Ghana Real Estate: The Cost of Building a Single Room Self-contain Room in Ghana


Roofing Ghana single room self-contain


The state of Ghana’s economy and unstable Cedis makes any estimates not reliable.  First thing is to get experts like quantity surveyor or architect to give you bill of quantity to review and budget well. There is a nuance you should be aware of which is, most contractors will give you a low estimate so as to win your contract. As soon as you start building, you will realize cost over-run due price of materials, and this could delay your project or get sucked for years. Over estimating can also put you off. Find a balance. Be realistic rather been too optimistic.

Think of when a 50kg bag of cement was 42GHS versus current price at 120GHS.  However, I will give you a rough estimate the cost involved.  The cost of building a single room in Ghana can vary depending on factors such as location, quality of materials, labor costs, and design preferences.


Building a house in Ghana: How much is the cost to build a house in Ghana?

The cost will depend on the cost of land. In Accra suburbs like Oyibi, Amasaman, Kasoa prices of a plot of land ranges from USD$10,000 to $25000. Areas in proximity to the city like East Legon Hills, West Legon or in prime areas like Spintex, East Legon, Labone, Ridge, Cantonments, Airport residential could range from UDS$50,000 to $300,000 per a piece of plot or even more. You will also have to factor building permit which varies depends on the Assembly.

I’m assuming you have already got your land already because that is the first thing. Without it there is no project Also, you need to understand the nature of the soil. It is not just physical inspection but conducting soil testing on your land. For example a muddy land could come with additional cost. You will need an expert to guide you with the foundation. Don’t try to do it by yourself of you don’t want your house to collapse in the future.

There are 4key building materials in Ghana to factor when getting started in building your house. These include: 1.cement 2.Block 3.Sand 4. Gravel or stones. Buying blocks or Moulding blocks in Ghana, which is cheaper? For the sake of argument, one 50kg of cement can give you 50blocks. So if you buy 40 bags of cement you will produce 2000blocks. However, you should factor the cost of labour, water, sand –double tripper and mixer.  The price of already made blocks could be economically viable but the prices keep changing.

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Concrete blocks Ghana, self contain house


Depending on the supplier the price for solid 5inches block is 4.23GHS and 6inches solid block in Ghana cost around 5GHS. If you are asking me how many blocks will build a 12 by 12 room in Ghana, you will need about 200 to 250bags of cement to build single room self-contain room in Ghana.

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2000 blocks of cement can build you single room self-contain in Ghana. To build a two bedroom self-contain in Ghana you will need a minimum of 2300 to 2400 blocks depending in the size of the rooms. You will also need about 2500 to 3000 block for 3bedrooom bedroom self-contain.


Now, let’s look at the items and the cost involved. Please keep in mind that this depend on your budget, it could be less or more.



The cost building Foundation in Ghana.

If there is anything you want to cut cost shouldn’t be house foundation. You must bear the maximum cost involved for the foundation. I can’t Stress that enough.  Again, get expert’s advice to build the foundation. Lots of concrete is required to make the make building stand. A rough estimate of concreate is 8 cubic meters will be needed for the foundation. It could be less or more depending on your land nature. For example waterlogging foundation could triple the cost of your foundation.

Reinforcement Bars: You should be considering to buy around 200 pieces of 12mm diameter of rebars, give or take.

Estimated Cost: The foundation materials can cost between GH₵5,000 to GH₵7,000.


Building house foundation ghana accra



The cost of Walls

Let’s say you have 40bags of cement. You could mould 2000 cement blocks on your own.

For the wall you will need around 1,200 to 1,500 cement blocks (depending on wall height) will be needed for the walls. Again, it depends on your walling layout.

Cement: Around 100 to 200bags of cement (50kg) may be required for block laying and plastering.

Sand: Approximately 8 to 10 trips of sand may be needed.

Estimated Cost: The materials for the walls can cost between GH₵6,000 to GH₵8,000.

building walls Ghana single room self-contain

The cost of Roofing

Roofing Sheets: Depending on the type of roofing sheets used, around 15 to 20 sheets (size and quality dependent) will be required.

Wood: Approximately 30 to 40 pieces of 2×4 timber and 10 to 15 pieces of 2×2 timber may be needed for roof framing.

Nails: An estimated 5 kilograms of roofing nails will be required.

Roofers/carpenters: there are plenty professional roofing companies you could call to do the job for you. Prices may vary from firm to firm.

Estimated Cost: The roofing materials can cost between GH₵3,000 to GH₵4,500.


Building materials _roofs and tiles Ghana , single room self-contain

The cost of Doors and Windows

Doors: Depend on the layout of the house you may need one main entrance door and internal doors including kitchen, toilet and washroom.

Windows: Around three to four windows (size dependent on your taste)

Estimated Cost: The cost of doors and windows can range from GH₵1,500 to GH₵2,500.

windows ghana, Building materials _Accra, single room self-contain

Flooring and Finishing

Cement: Also depending on your flooring taste, you may need from 10 to 15 bags of cement for the flooring. However, you opt for wooden flooring that will save you the cost of comment.

Tiles: The quantity of tiles will depend on the size of the room. Tiles comes in different qualities which will dictate the cost.

Paint: An estimated 5 to 10 liters of paint will be required for interior and exterior walls.

Estimated Cost: The cost for flooring and finishing materials can range from GH₵2,500 to GH₵5,000.



Plumbing and Electrical

Plumbing: This includes pipes, fittings, and fixtures for the bathroom.

Electrical: Wiring, switches, sockets, and light fixtures.

Estimated Cost: The cost for plumbing and electrical installations can range from GH₵2,500 to GH₵5,000.


Price of building Materials in Ghana-cost Estimates


ItemCost Estimate (GHS)Quantity Required
Foundation Concrete5,000 – 7,000Approximately 8 cubic meters of concrete
Reinforcement Bars (Rebars)5,000 – 7,000Around 200 pieces of 12mm diameter rebars
Cement Blocks6,000 – 8,0001,200 – 1,500 cement blocks (depending on wall height)
Cement6,000 – 8,000Approximately 100 bags (50kg)
Sand6,000 – 8,000Approximately 8 – 10 trips
Roofing Sheets3,000 – 4,50015 – 20 sheets (size and quality dependent)
Wood (2×4 Timber)3,000 – 4,500Approximately 30 – 40 pieces
Wood (2×2 Timber)3,000 – 4,500Approximately 10 – 15 pieces
Nails3,000 – 4,500Approximately 5 kilograms
Doors1,500 – 2,500One main entrance door and one internal door
Windows1,500 – 2,500Approximately 3 – 4 windows (size dependent)
Cement (Flooring)2,500 – 5,000Approximately 10 – 15 bags
Tiles/Flooring Material2,500 – 5,000Quantity depends on the size of the room and chosen material
Paint2,500 – 5,000Approximately 5 – 10 liters
Plumbing2,500 – 5,000Dependent on the scope of plumbing work
Electrical2,500 – 5,000Dependent on the scope of electrical work


One absurd thing about my dear country Ghana is upward spiral increasing of prices of building materials. Most of the building materials in Ghana are imported and their prices are influenced by how stable the local currency to USD dollar. The prices never drops even if the cedis is stabilized. Keep in mind to budget conservatively. Ii rule of thumb is that, as you budget the cost to build your house, keep it real –be conservative. This will hedge you against any price changes. There you have it. But, what if you can just buy house from us instead of going through all the headaches of building your home?


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