Freehold Land In Africa: Types Of Land Interest And Titles In Ghana

Freehold Land In Africa: Types Of Land Interest And Titles In Ghana

Land ownership title in Ghana

Are you looking to buy land in Ghana and probably want to understand the types of land interest and titles? Ghana is one of the African countries on freehold land in Africa.  In Ghana there are three types of land interest in which you can get your land title granted to you namely:

  1. Freehold

      a) Customary freehold

      b) Common law freehold

  1. Allodial Tile
  2. Leasehold



This freehold is divided into into two which I will touch on both in just a second. What is a freehold land title in Ghana? It is ownership in perpetuity.

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Customary Freehold: This title ownership is primarily upholds the heritage of local communities. Individuals or collectives can possess a stake in land that is under the allodial ownership of a traditional community to which these stakeholders belong. This title ownership is transferable to heirs of the individual or subgroups, up until no further successors exist. This arrangement continues as long as the successors acknowledge the preeminence of the traditional authority. Community members with this entitlement have the liberty to lease, vend, or pledge their claim. The acquirer of this type of land is also expected to recognize the paramount authority of the traditional leadership be it stool or skin.



Common-Law Freehold: Common Law ownership and Traditional Customary Ownership exhibit certain parallels. The key distinction lies in the fact that the land’s interest can be acquired by both members within the community and non-members of the indigenous community that possesses the land. As such, two citizens of Ghana from distinct localities can partake in acquiring land within a traditional community.

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This type of title is not granted to private individual institutions. This title is restricted to traditional leaders, families, and the government.




This is one of the common land title interests in the country. As the name implies, leasehold tenure involves possessing an interest in land for a specified commencement and termination date, subject to the payment of recurring ground rents and additional dues. The lease agreement must stipulate the duration of the arrangement, identities of the involved parties, the precise property subject to lease, conditions for extension or non-extension, and covenants. An allodial title-holding stool, clan, family, or an individual under customary ownership can grant a leasehold.

Which countries in Africa allow foreigners to buy real estate? Ghana is one of the countries that allow foreigners to own real estate. However, you can only own it on leasehold for up to 50 years at a time. Ghana is one of the best African Countries to Invest in Real Estate.


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