Here are 7 easy ways to get yourself into real estate investing in Ghana.

  1. Purchase rental properties 
  2. Invest in commercial real estate 
  3. Buy and hold strategy 
  4. Real estate development 
  5. Real estate investment trusts (REITs) 
  6. Real estate crowdfunding 
  7. Real estate partnerships

Before we dive deeper on each points , lets explore real estate opportunities across different asset classes in Ghana.


Investing in real estate in Ghana is a proven way to create wealth and build long-term financial stability. Ghana has a growing real estate market that presents lucrative opportunities for investors. According to real estate report from the Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC), the real estate sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Ghana’s economy, with an average annual growth rate of 8.5% to 12.5% for office sector. The retail market also averaging from 8% to 12%. That is also true for residential section averaging between 10.5% to 13.5%   and industrial market yield range from 11% to 14%.

We will provide you with 7 easy ways to invest in real estate in Ghana that will help you achieve your real estate goals.

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Purchase rental properties

One of the most popular ways to invest in real estate in Ghana is to purchase rental properties. Rental properties provide a steady stream of passive income, and if managed properly, can be a profitable long-term investment. According to data from. Before purchasing a rental property, it is important to consider factors such as location, rental rates, and the cost of repairs and maintenance.

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When it comes to rental properties, it is important to have a long-term perspective. While rental income can be a reliable source of cash flow, it is also subject to fluctuations in the market. To minimize risk, investors should look for properties in areas with stable demand and consistent rental rates. Additionally, it is important to consider the costs of property management, repairs, and maintenance when calculating potential returns on investment.


Invest in commercial real estate

Commercial real estate investments offer higher returns than residential properties, but they also come with higher risks. Investing in commercial properties such as office buildings, shopping malls, and hotels can be lucrative, but it requires significant capital and expertise. According to data from the GIPC, the hospitality and tourism sub-sector of Ghana’s real estate industry grew by 10.5% in 2019, with hotel occupancy rates averaging 53%.


Commercial real estate can be a profitable investment for those with the resources and expertise to manage it. However, it is important to conduct thorough market research and analysis before making a purchase. Factors to consider include location, tenant demand, and the potential for future development in the area.


Buy land and hold strategy


Land in Ghana

The buy and hold strategy is a popular long-term investment approach in real estate. It involves purchasing a property – could be land or existing asset at a low price, holding onto it for an extended period of time, and then selling it for a higher price when the market conditions are favorable. According to data from the GIPC, the average price per square meter for land in Accra increased by 13.6% between 2018 and 2019, from GHS 7,312 ($1,248) to GHS 8,311 ($1,419).The good part is you hardly see land selling below what it was bought for. Existing properties? Yes if it is not well kept or deteriorate, it’s market value will fall.


The buy and hold strategy requires patience and a long-term perspective. Investors should look for properties in areas with high growth potential and stable demand. It is also important to consider the costs of maintenance and property management over the holding period. Investors who are able to identify undervalued properties with potential for future growth can realize significant returns on investment.


Real estate development

Property development

Again, land is the key  to your success in development. Without land there is no development. If there is litigation, you are screwed. Real estate development involves purchasing land, developing it, and then selling or renting out the finished property. This strategy requires significant capital, expertise, and patience. Development can be highly profitable, but it also comes with higher risks. According to data from the GIPC, the construction sub-sector of Ghana’s real estate industry grew by 5.7% in 2019, and the government’s ongoing infrastructure development projects present opportunities for real estate development.


When considering real estate development, it is important to conduct thorough market research and analysis. Factors to consider include the cost of land, construction materials, labor, and potential demand for the finished product. Real estate development requires a long-term perspective, as the process can take several years from start to finish.


Real estate investment trusts (REITs)

Real estate investment trusts, or REITs, are a popular way to invest in real estate without actually owning physical property. REITs are companies that own and manage income-generating real estate across several asset classes, such as office buildings, apartments, and shopping centers. Investors in this case you, can buy shares in a REIT and receive a portion of the income generated by the properties.


REITs can be a good investment for those looking for a more passive approach to real estate investing. They offer the potential for high yields and diversification, as investors can buy shares in multiple properties with varying degrees of risk. However, as a rule of thumb it is important to research and analyze the performance of a REIT before investing, as returns can be affected by factors such as interest rates, market conditions, and management quality.


Real estate crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding involves pooling money from multiple investors to invest in a specific real estate project. This approach allows investors to participate in real estate investments with lower capital requirements and less risk than traditional methods. According to data from the GIPC, the total value of foreign investment in Ghana’s real estate industry was $3.1 billion in 2019.

Real estate crowdfunding platforms can be a good option for those looking for a more accessible way to invest in real estate. However, it is important to thoroughly research the platform and the specific project before investing, as crowdfunding investments can carry higher risks and lower returns than traditional real estate investments.


Real estate partnerships:

Most people give all too familiar excuses of lack of money the hindering to their real estate investing. Good deals always attract money. For the seek of argument, if you have find and property in a good great location, did your analysis and underwriting and understood that if you make some improvement to the interior, put some fresh paint on the walls, add some landscaping, you could sell it almost double its current market value, investors will partner with you.

Additionally, you can partner with other investors’ deals. Investing in a partnership can provide access to larger investments and shared responsibilities and costs. It’s important to work with trustworthy partners and have a clear agreement in place regarding management and decision-making process.



What are the advantages of real estate investing in Ghana?


High potential for capital appreciation: The real estate market in Ghana has seen steady growth over the years with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30% between 2016 and 2021; making it one of the fastest growing economic sectors in Ghana. This provides investors with a potential for capital appreciation as property values increases exponentially.


Stable cash flow: Real estate investments in Ghana can provide stable cash flow through rental income, which can be a reliable source of income for investors.


Diversification: Investing in real estate in Ghana can offer a diversified portfolio, which can be beneficial for investors looking to reduce their overall risk.


Tax benefits: There are tax benefits associated with investing in real estate in Ghana, such as tax deductions for expenses related to owning and maintaining a property.


Inflation hedge: Real estate investments in Ghana can act as an inflation hedge, as property values often rise in line with inflation.


Increasing demand: Ghana has a growing population, which has led to an increasing demand for housing and commercial space, creating opportunities for investors.


Opportunity for redevelopment: There is potential for redeveloping existing properties in Ghana, which can increase the value of the property and provide opportunities for investors to make a profit.


What are the disadvantages of real estate investing in Ghana:


Lack of liquidity: Real estate investments in Ghana can be illiquid, meaning it can be difficult to sell a property quickly.


High upfront costs: Investing in real estate in Ghana can require a large upfront investment, which can be a barrier to entry for some investors.


Limited financing options: There are limited financing options available for real estate investments in Ghana, which can make it difficult for some investors to acquire property.


Litigation issues: The property rights system in the country can be unclear, making it difficult for investors to determine who owns a property and whether it is free from encumbrances. You might want to read: 12 STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO BUY LAND IN ACCRA, GHANA AS A GHANAIAN OR A FOREIGNER WITHOUT LIGITATIONS

Political and economic instability: Ghana has experienced political and economic instability in the past, which can affect the real estate market and create uncertainty for investors.


Lack of infrastructure: There is a lack of adequate infrastructure in some areas of Ghana, which can make it difficult for investors to manage and maintain properties.


Security concerns: There are security concerns associated with investing in real estate in Ghana, particularly in certain areas of the country, which can increase the risk for investors.




In a nutshell, investing in real estate in Ghana can be a profitable long-term investment strategy. By doing your own research on factors such as location, demand, and market trends, you can identify opportunities for rental income, commercial real estate, real estate development, REITs, real estate crowdfunding and partnership as well .



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