1. credibility
  2. leads generation
  3. organic traffic
  4. retarget website visitors
  5. brand awareness
  6. international audience

A website gives your business a credibility, brand awareness, leads, organic  traffic from google, reach international buyers, retargeting visitors, SEO and social media traffic. Are you a business owner without a website? You are leaving money on the table.


Today, the traditional newspaper big businesses are out of business. The future is digital information. With a tap on your phone or a click of a mouse, the world is all yours.


How many internet users are in Ghana?


According to Datareportal, there are about 16.99million internet penetration in the country. Which is about 68.2% of the total population of 32.06 million, this is pretty significant- more and more of the population are gaining access in the internet.


How many Ghanaians actually shop online?


According statista, there are about 27% of Ghanaians who buy thing online as at 2022. Online shopping in Ghana is gaining momentum and is expected to increase up to 37% by 2027.


Now let’s discuss why every business in need a functioning website.



Building credibility in the minds of prospective buyer(s) is very crucial. A website conveys a message to your buyers that you are legit and trustworthy. It also gives you the opportunity to create first impression. However, if your website is not credible enough, buyers may not return. A survey shows that 74% of buyers look you up on your website before making a buying decision. You need online presence. Your website plays a significate role as to whether a buyer end up parting his money with you or buying from someone else.

That is also true for another survey by visualobjects.com which reveals that more than three-quarters of consumers (76%) will search for a company website before visiting their physical location.


According to the Survey Monkey survey, 26% of U.S. consumers have no trust “at all” for a business without a website.


Lead generation

Which business doesn’t want leads? Generating leads is very important  if you want to increase sales. With a functioning website, you can attract visitors and could convert them into buyers. It doesn’t matter if you are solopreneur, property developer trying to find buyers for your development or bricks and mortar store, your online presence sets you apart from the pack and add dollars to your bottom line.


Organic traffic

Without traffic you have no potential customers. And without customers you have no sales and without sales you have no business. That is how hard and candid it is. I couldn’t put it much simpler than this. People get online to search for something. These are real buyers with intent. If they find your website, you might end up closing a deal if you know how to close.



Retargeting website visitors

With a website you can retarget visitors by way of your online ads campaigns. If you have tools like meta pixels installed in your website, it makes it easy to target each visitor that once visited your site as your ads will show on their feed which you could convert them into paying customers or buyers.



Brand awareness

Branding sells like wildfire. Today, everyone is posting on social media about what they offer. Your website helps your brand your product or services. People will take a brand with a functioning website more seriously than a brand without one. With a website, visitors can learn more about your brand and what you are offering which will, to some extent remove barriers in convincing them to buy your products or services.


International audiences

If you are running your business in Ghana targeting only local audience, with a website you can attract visitors around the world to your site if you properly optimize it. With social media marketing, having a website on your bio also drives traffic both local and international audiences to your website. You don’t want to be that business owner without a website in this modern age.


Why Ghanaian businesses should embrace SEO?

It doesn’t matter if you a property developer, real estate agency or any other industry you are into, a properly functioning and optimized website is a game changer for your business to outweigh your competition. Every website needs an SEO to be seen on google when people are searching for an item related to your business or services. Google show shows best search terms people are looking for. Supposing you are real estate developer or agency that sell lands. If someone search on google “Can a foreigner buy land in Ghana?”  or “Where to buy land in Ghana”, your website will show up on the first page of google.




It is not enough to have a website. A website must create first impression – the loading time. If the page that takes longer than six seconds to load lose 1 of every 2 visitors. Remember the phrase by Benjamin Franklin “Time is money”. Don’t screw it up. According to a survey by bidnamic  shows that your conversion rate can drop by 17% every second increase in load time.


Another survey by unbounce also reveals that about 70% of customers admits page speed impacted to their willingness to buy from online store. 


In a nutshell, with a functioning and user-friendly website you will increase your chance of a prospective buyer doing business with you than if you don’t have any.



Townhouses for sale in Accra Ghana
La Margo Villas

Imagine seeing your kids running around on playground with their friends in the safety of this greenery and lush landscape beautiful, gated community. How comfortable and refreshing will that be? Exactly!


Are you  looking to buy your dream home or an investment property  for cashflow purposes in Ghana? Are you a westerner planning to make Ghana your next home and looking for African homes for sale? Perhaps you may be worried of the hassle to go through to build yours, we have got you covered. Buying a home from a developer is more secured because we have done all the hard work and due diligence on the land and it has pass the process.  Your only job is to own it by reserving your home today.

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La margo Villas, is upcoming greenery, lush landscape,  eco-friendly, and renewable energy gated community in the  beautiful, picturesque hillsview of Kwabenya, Accra featuring townhomes and apartments. Our residence will enjoy energy reduction on utility bills, worldclass amenities , and facilities such as clubhouse, multi-purpose tennis court within the community and most importantly,  flexible payment plans. Let’s help you own your dream home. Get in touch with us.


Gated community in Ghana, houses for sale

La Margo Villas Neighbourhood Snapshot

Kwabenya is a residential community located in the Ga East Municipal District of the Greater Accra Region. The area is well connected to major roads and highways, making it easily accessible from other parts of the city. It is an ideal area for real estate investment and an emerging sub-market for those who want to escape excessive noise of Accra. Get in touch  with us to reserve your dream home today right here. Read also: ​The 9 Advantages Of Living In A Gated Community In Accra



Take Away



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